5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Condo in Singapore

Singapore’s real estate market has experienced significant growth in recent years, with condominiums becoming increasingly popular among buyers. However, buying a condo in Singapore is a substantial investment, and it is crucial to consider various factors before making a decision. In this article, we will discuss 5 things to consider before buying a condo in Singapore to help you make an informed decision.

Increasing Popularity of condos in singapore

The demand for condominiums in Singapore has been growing rapidly in recent years, driven by several factors. Firstly, the scarcity of land in Singapore has led to an increasing number of high-rise developments in the city-state.

Secondly, the convenience of living in a condominium is contributing to its popularity. Condos come equipped with facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and tennis courts, making it easy for residents to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, many condominiums are located in close proximity to amenities such as shops, restaurants, and public transportation, making it convenient to get around.

Thirdly, the rising affluence of the middle class in Singapore has led to a growing demand for more luxurious living spaces. Condominiums offer a premium lifestyle with high-end amenities and services, making them an attractive option for those seeking a higher standard of living.

Overall, the increasing popularity of condos in Singapore can be attributed to the scarcity of land, the convenience of living in a condominium, and the growing affluence of the middle class. With the demand for condominiums continuing to rise, it is important for potential buyers to consider several factors before making a purchase.


Location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a condo in Singapore. It is essential to choose a location that suits your lifestyle preferences, such as proximity to your workplace, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. The location can also affect the value of the condo and its potential for capital appreciation. Some of the most popular areas in Singapore to purchase a condo include Orchard, Marina Bay, and Sentosa.

When choosing a location, you should also consider the accessibility of public transportation, the quality of the surrounding environment, and the crime rate in the area. Other factors to consider include the level of noise pollution and traffic congestion in the neighbourhood.

type of condo

The type of condo you choose is another critical factor to consider. You can choose between new and resale condos, each with its pros and cons. New condos typically offer more modern designs and better facilities, while resale condos may have a better location or be more affordable.

You can also choose between different types of condos, such as high-rise, low-rise, mixed-use developments, and luxury condos. Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For instance, high-rise condos offer spectacular views and are usually located in the city center, while low-rise condos provide a more peaceful environment and are perfect for families.

Condo Facilities and Amenities

Before buying a condo in Singapore, it is crucial to evaluate the facilities and amenities provided. Common facilities include swimming pools, gyms, gardens, and function rooms, and they can impact the condo’s value. Facilities such as parking spaces, security features, and the quality of the management team are also important to consider.

When evaluating the condo’s facilities and amenities, it is essential to consider their condition and whether they are well-maintained. You should also assess how often the facilities are upgraded to ensure that the condo continues to provide value over time.

Maintenance Fees and Sinking Funds

Maintenance fees and sinking funds are essential costs associated with owning a condo. Maintenance fees cover the expenses required to maintain the condo’s facilities and amenities, while sinking funds cover future expenses such as major repairs or renovations.

Before purchasing a condo, it is crucial to evaluate whether the maintenance fees and sinking funds are reasonable. You should also assess whether the fees are being used efficiently and whether they are in line with the condo’s overall value.

Developer Reputation and Track record

Researching the developer’s reputation and track record is crucial before making a purchase. A developer with a good track record is more likely to deliver a quality development and provide good after-sales service. You should research the developer’s previous projects to assess their quality and success.

Resale Potential and capital appreciation

One of the significant advantages of buying a condo in Singapore is the potential for resale and capital appreciation. As the population and demand for housing continue to grow in Singapore, the value of properties tends to appreciate over time. This means that if you invest in a condo, you have the potential to make a profit by selling it at a higher price in the future.

Furthermore, some condos have higher resale potential than others, depending on factors such as location, amenities, and surrounding developments. For instance, condos located in prime areas such as the Central Business District or near popular schools and transportation hubs tend to have a higher resale value than those in less desirable locations.

It is important to note that while capital appreciation is a possibility, it is not guaranteed, and the market can be unpredictable. However, investing in a condo with good resale potential and capital appreciation can be a smart long-term investment strategy, especially for those looking to build wealth through property ownership.

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