Expatriates Guide

Living in Singapore offers a unique experience living in one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan metropolis, amidst a fascinating mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Western cultures. Lauded for its security and order, rich culture, vibrant entertainment and dining scenes, and broad travel opportunities, it has become a prime relocation choice for expatriates.
There is a plethora of conveniences and social opportunities available to expatriates living in Singapore. English is the primary language for commerce and education, with most goods and services found in the West available in Singapore.
Many multinational companies have offices in Singapore, giving rise to a large and growing expatriate population. Thus, relocating expatriates enjoy numerous and varying social opportunities. Singapore is also an excellent place for expatriates with partners and / or children, as it is safe and child-friendly, boasts highly reputable international schools, and offers employment and social opportunities for accompanying partners.

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