Recycling Tips

For some of us, recycling is second nature. For others, it’s a new habit. Throwing cardboard boxes in the recycling bin is one option, but here are a few unique ideas for ways you can make better use of recycling in your life!

Rinse any glass or plastic items well to prevent a smelly recycling area. When possible, re-use items rather than recycle them.Choose products with less packaging or recyclable packaging.

Give away items you no longer want—don’t throw them out! Look into local non-profit organizations that will recycle your cell phone, computer parts, or electronics.

Reuse items and products as much as possible. Reusable dishes, towels, containers, and cutlery will greatly reduce waste!

Consider repairing an old item rather than throwing it in the garbage. You might be able to find a new use for it or get it up and running with a few simply adjustments!

Ensure that the schools, organizations, and workplaces your family frequents all have recycling programs.

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