“The Victor” is set to become the latest cultural landmark and tourist attraction in the Philippines

Bridgetowne, the flagship destination estate of Robinsons Land, is harnessing the potential of public art to shape its destiny. This emergent estate is on the verge of revealing its magnum opus, “The Victor,” the inaugural piece in a series of envisaged public art installations, priming Bridgetowne’s evolution into a vibrant art nexus.

“The Victor” is a formidable art installation epitomising the unyielding spirit of the Filipino populace. It proudly rises in the eastern section of the expansive 32-hectare Bridgetowne Destination Estate, bearing witness to the Filipino people’s tenacity and drive.

In partnership with esteemed Fil-Am artist Jefrё Manuel-Figueras, this artwork is an imposing construct touted by its creators as one of the tallest illuminated art installations globally.

The installation weighs 330 tonnes (660,000 lbs) and soars to an impressive 60 metres — equating to 20 storeys (55 metres for the sculpture itself plus an added 5 metres for its plinth).

Remarkably, it overshadows the iconic Statue of Liberty, which extends only 46 metres from base to torch. With its meticulous design and perforated stainless steel assembly, this monumental piece is set to be an essential viewing for international visitors and nationals alike.

“It’s predestined to dominate myriad social media feeds, becoming a symbol akin to Paris’ Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, London’s Big Ben, and Rome’s Colosseum,” comments Mybelle V. Aragon-GoBio, RLC’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for Robinsons Destination Estates.

Drawing inspiration from the odyssey of John Gokongwei, Jr., “The Victor” is a sculpture representing victory and standing as a guiding light. Gokongwei, Jr. transitioned from modest roots to a defining figure in the corporate arena, surmounting challenges to reach unprecedented heights. His narrative underscores the Filipino ethos of resilience and ambition.

The effigy portrays a Filipino man progressing confidently with arms wide and a clenched fist aloft. Though attired simplistically and barefooted, he radiates vigour and assurance. Crafted in bronze and steel, its nocturnal illumination establishes it as a symbol of aspiration for onlookers.

“The Victor” pays homage to Gokongwei, Jr.’s legacy and his influence over the Philippines. It stands as an affirmation for every Filipino, a reminder of their potential to achieve greatness from any start. The statue encapsulates Filipino artisanship, originality, and innovation. It’s a masterful confluence of art, design, and mechanics, epitomising Filipino pride.

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