The Top Ten Professional Home Staging Tips Every Home Owner Should Know

1) Create the illusion of space by rearranging the furniture. Try different combinations or remove and store pieces that make it feel crowded.

2) Arrange the furniture in living areas into intimate groupings that suggest entertaining and ideal conversational settings.

3) Consider rental furniture, especially when the pieces you have don’t match, are badly worn, or are in any state of disrepair.

4) Add decorative pillows and slipcovers in warm neutral tones to hide flaws and make pieces blend.

5) Eliminate clutter. Store or get rid of appliances, gadgets, newspapers, mail or anything that takes up space or distracts attention.

6) De-personalise your home so buyers can imagine living in it. Store pictures, awards, trophies, collectables, and other personal keepsakes.

7) Paint walls in inviting neutral colours to cover flaws and freshen rooms.

8) Add small luxurious touches to bathrooms and bedrooms. Think plush towels, fresh flowers, high-end bed linens, and pretty bath soaps.

9) Eliminate unpleasant odours and smells that can kill a sale. Fragrant candles, plug-ins, and home sprays can help, but nothing smells better than clean.

10) Plants add an aura of softness and warmth to any room. Large or small, real or silk—they’re a favourite of professional stagers.

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