To Stay or to Go: Should You Hang Around During Your Open House?

Introduction – Unpack the pros and cons of being present during your open house

One of the most common dilemmas for sellers is deciding whether to stay or leave during an open house. While it may seem like a minor detail, your presence can significantly impact the success of the open house. This blog post will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both options, helping you make the best decision.

The Case for Leaving: Let Buyers Picture Themselves in the Home – Understand how your absence could give potential buyers the space they need

Many real estate agents advise sellers to leave during an open house, and for a good reason. Buyers need to visualise themselves living in the home, which can be difficult if the current owner is present. Your absence allows potential buyers to explore freely, discuss their opinions openly, and form an emotional connection to the property.

The Case for Staying: You Know Your Home Best – Realise the potential benefits of being present to answer buyer queries

On the other hand, some sellers choose to stay for the open house. As the current owner, you can provide insights and details about the home that an agent might not know. You can share about the neighborhood, the property’s unique features, and any upgrades or renovations that have been done.

However, be mindful that being too involved can make buyers uncomfortable or pressured. If you decide to stay, consider taking a backseat role and let your agent handle most of the interactions.

Striking a Balance: Be Nearby, But Not in the Home – Consider a middle-ground approach for the best of both worlds

Another option is to be close by but not in the property during the open house. This way, if potential buyers or your agent have any questions that require your input, you can quickly be reached. This could mean waiting at a neighbor’s house, a local café, or just being a phone call away.

Conclusion – Make a well-informed decision about your presence during an open house

Deciding whether to stay or go during an open house is a personal decision. You’ll need to balance the potential benefits of being on hand to answer questions with the risk of making buyers feel uncomfortable. Whichever decision you make, remember that the goal is to create a welcoming environment where potential buyers can envision themselves making your house their new home.

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